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The Sirens in Shang

by Andrea Montalban

     Chinese Sirens Sherine Ann Koa, Evangeline Lao, and Gimbey dela Cruz concluded this year ‘s Spring Festival concert with their song Mei Lin Shen Hua, hoping to deliver the mirth of Chinese New Year to their audience in Shangrila Plaza, EDSA.

“I believe that most of the times music transcends language, so even though the people around the mall won’t understand it, the music will translate for us,” says Ms. Koa when asked about how they fell when performing in front of many non-Mandarin speakers, “hopefully they will (understand) what it means because of how we sound,” she added.

     For the Sirens, performing in the event is their way to give back to the Chinese community and a means to encourage people interested in their art to indulge or perform as well.

     Aside from the famous Mei Li Shen Hua, which is a love song used on Jackie Chan’s movie, The Myth, the Sirens also performed a compilation of medleys meant for the older folks. Resulting for their audience to be composed of shoppers both young and old, and of various races.


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