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ADMU’s Chinese Art Workshop: A Success

by: Fathrize Liam S. Ceñedoza

MANILA – As a part of the week-long Spring Film Festival, the fest’s Chinese Pastel Painting Workshop proved to be a success not only by its organizers but also by its attendees and participants.


The festival held at EDSA Shangri-La Plaza, organized by Ateneo De Manila University under the Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies, started on Wedenesday, January 25, and ended on Tuesday, January 31. This is ADMU’s way of honoring and celebrating  2017’s Chinese New Year.


The workshop, led by Art Association of the Philippines, started at 1 o’clock in the afternoon.

Art Association of the Philippines’s President, Fidel Sarmiento, said that as an artist since the year 1975, he is happy to share his knowledge in painting and it is fulfilling to see the participants creating art out of their own creativity rather than copying his examples or other artist’s works.

When asked about his interpretations of Chinese art, Sarmiento said he thinks simple strokes are the key to the art’s timeless beauty.


Fidel Sarmiento started as one of AAP’s Director then he became president in 2002.

Art Association of the Philippines toured all over the country to teach art, one of their notable legs is when they entered Philippine’s Bilibid Prison to have a workshop for the prisoners.

According to AAP’s Vice President, Roger Santos, in his 42 years of being an artist, he is glad to help foundations and organizations such as Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies to conduct a workshop and reach out to different kinds of people.

Santos said that he is amazed by the Chinese’s luck drawn from their art due to its harmony with nature.

Aside from Sarmiento and Santos, the participants also recognizes the workshop as a true success.

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According to Sharmaine, 37 years old, as a participant and as her first time to use oil pastel, she never was fond of this form of art but the workshop showed her the true beauty of Chinese art and made her “fascinated by Chinese Art’s peacefulness.

Another attendee, 57 years old Eduardo, brought his son with cerebral palsy and a family friend with autism. He said that he will give five stars for the workshop due to their free admission and good accommodation for persons with disability.


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