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Ateneo Brings Chinese Art Culture at Shang’s


by: Thea Amor Alvarado

Shangri-La welcomes artists, aspiring artists, art enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates it; as it launches the Pastel Painting Workshop for everyone to experience Chinese art in their celebration of Lunar New Year.

The workshop on January 29th, is set up to feel as if the Chinese Culture has come to you as you take in the Chinese music, playing during the whole program while you are surrounded by the many Chinese painting displayed not to mention the art exhibit that also feature their culture is positioned at the fountain near the event place, only a few feet away. Other events are Chinese Music Concert and the Spring Film Festival.

It is one of their many events, in collaboration with Ricardo Leong’s Center for Chinese Studies and the Art Association of the Philippines having over more than half a hundred participants, each given a set of oil pastels and felt paper to work on after the lecture.


Fidel Sarmiento, Art Association of the Philippines’ President himself endows the knowledge and painting live to the partakers while his vice president Roger Santos, provides the elaboration of his work.

He works on more than ten paintings to share the styles of stroking, outlining and other basic techniques of pastel painting and promises to give some of his finished artwork as a raffle to the workshop participants as gratitude for being a part of their event.

Oliver Pangan, one of the participants, is also from the Ricardo Leong’s Center for Chinese Studies itself who does Art as a hobby for himself and for his kids; says that the workshop is very informative and does a great job for being able to show the progression of pastel painting from how to start building the colors. Being able to attend different kinds of art workshops, Pangan gives this a perfect rating.

The participants vary from experienced veterans to people working in the field of art to people who do art as a hobby to people who are curious and wants to experience the Chinese art culture, exploiting the free resources while they can.

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One of the participants who is inclined to art but attending a workshop as her first, Ms. Mabelle states how amazing it is to learn more from attending such kinds of events apart from her drawings that evolve themselves through time.

As the participants get immensely drawn by their works, Mr. Sarmiento and Mr. Santos try to go over each table to give comments and motivation.

Edwardo Yanes, a 50 year old partaker who, according to him, has been doing art since birth commends on how the hosts are hands on in teaching everyone.

All the finished artworks can be taken home plus the pastel painting of the Art Association of the Philippines’ President for who ever luckily wins the raffle. More than 5 of his paintings are out for the raffle.

Overall, the pastel painting workshop is a success in helping the people to express themselves via the medium of pastel, according to Pangan.


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