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China at Its Finest: Embracing the Cultural Heritage through Music


At the same day of the Chinese New Year, the Ateneo de Manila University Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies together with the Chinese communities, schools and singers held a tremendous concert in Shangri-la Plaza to celebrate their Spring Festival.

Concert Stage

The concert was a success showcasing the splendid talents of multiple performers from different Chinese schools and groups around the metro. This year, the concert was celebrated to give thanks for another year that has come. And also, to wish luck and prosperity for all the Chinese people.

It was attended by a lot of Filipino-Chinese who were also celebrating their new year, wearing red clothes which symbolizes new start and fresh hopes based on their tradition. But the event was not only exclusive for the people who have Chinese descendants. There are also pure blooded Filipinos who took a glimpse on the heritage of China by listening on some of the traditional and folk songs of the country.


The joy and pride of being a Chinese were presented by the members of the chorale group Hope Christian High School, who performed at the concert. Together with their conductor, Ms. Sonnie Abella, and the musical arrangement by their pianist, Ms. Lety Sarte, the group soared with their beautiful and angelic voices. It was a delight to see Chinese kids wearing a modernized cheongsam (China’s national costume) and perform in front of the audience with a bright smile on their faces. They made everyone in the event feel as if they are taking a journey in China. One of the highlights of their performance is when soloist, Alexis Mervin Sy, belted out a high-pitched note which gave the audience so much chills and goosebumps upon hearing his heavenly voice.

Hope Christian High School Chorale

According to Ms. Lety Sarte, who are also the musical director of Hope Christian High School Chorale, this kind of programs (concert) were held annually to give praise and thanks for a prosperous year ahead for the Chinese community.

Most of the songs chosen to be performed at the concert are folk, oldies, and songs that symbolizes a vision of hope and happiness. Ms. Sarte also added that some of the songs that her students performed is a song about visiting the ancestors who started the celebration like this. And as time go by, this tradition is being passed to the next generation.

with Ms. Lety Sarte

The concert was also joined by other musicians,  singers and choir groups like the trio Siren, Philippine Cultural College Glee Club, soloist Johnvid Bangayan, and the blind teenage pianist Albert Cedric Tan.

Philippine Cultural College Glee Club

20170128_1631461Johnvid Bangayan

All praises for all the performers who participated at the said concert.

Zhùhè! (Congratulations)

by: Jan Von Roi M. Sarmiento (BABRC 4-2)


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