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ADMU’s 11th Spring Film Festival

Ateneo de Manila University hosted a 5 days annual Spring Film Festival in cooperation with Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies and Film Development Council of the Philippines held last January 25 to 27 at Shangri-la Plaza.

It is one of the most celebrated festival in the Chinese-Filipino community and many free film screening which aims to encourage appreciation at the Chinese culture and language in the society. They proudly presented six featured films which includes “Everbody’s Fine”, “Horseplay”, “A Complicated Story”, “Red Amnesia”, “Book of Love”, “Finding Mr. Right 2”, and “Wolf Totem” that delighted the Filipino audiences

Featured films

Aside from the film screening, they also hosted series of events such as Chinese painting exhibit started from January 25 to 31, an afternoon of beautiful Chinese melodies : Chinese musical concert held last January 28, and the Pastel Painting workshop with Master Fidel Sarmiento held last January 29. The admission was free for all activities.

by: Christine Jane Omido (BABRC 4-2)


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