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Book of Love : A Review


Jiao Ye at the Casino

This is the second sequel of Finding Mr. Right and obviously I haven’t watch the first film. To start my review, I just wanted to tell you know that I wasn’t at all impressed with the cast since there was no eye catcher. Though I adore how the two main characters were the complete opposite of those common love stories wherein a beautiful girl and a handsome boy matched. Next, considering it as in mandarin plus the transition was very quick , I really don’t got the first scene particularly the beginning where the leading actress was kicked out by her land lord and there’s a scene where in she rode in a motorcycle and kicking butts then she turned around beco

Jiao Ye and her friends at the Casino

ming casino employee.


Honestly, the first part of the film makes me feel dizzy editing and the transitions of the scenes especially the part when the leading actress was at the casino. However, I’m still amazed how the director and writers play and worked with the location and interaction of the two main characters since they were apart from each other. The cinematography was quite well, there were a few interesting cinematography that I liked, how the two crossed paths on foreign land and interacting with the imaginary person they perceived from the letters.

Two Elderly with Director Xue : Wu Yanshu (left) , Director Xue (middle) and Paul Chun (right)

The movie felt real since it has many emotional failures from both of the main characters, although the two have never met they express feelings through the letter that provide the groundwork for better relationship. Their love might be sophisticated here, but what truly touched me and makes me cry was the elderly couple that the leading actor was trying to con . You will really get a love lesson from the two senior.


84 Charing Cross Road Book Cover

Overall this movie has a better story, than the other Chinese film that I have watched. The relationship between the characters was deeper. It looks like it will remain in our memory for a long time. And as a person who enjoys reading books and loves literature, this film really got me hard. The story telling device of the film was a transparent way to get the two main characters together. Keeping them apart was a mixed bag; their individual stories are given a strong focus than their relationship. For me, for this story and these characters, was not simply effective. It looks like there isn’t really a story theme, emotion or a string that pushes them together beyond the book; 84, Charing Cross Road.



Still I will gave this film 3 out of 5 star, the actors and the production values are better than average. The editing and cinematography can get occasionally hyperactive but it’s never too distracting. The music and sound effects was OK. The film was actually a well-constructed promotion of the need to go out to find love, and more importantly, self-fulfillment through love’s many forms. I will still recommend this film.     3-out-of-5


by: Omido , Christine Jane BABRC 4-2


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