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Complicated Story: A Movie Review

fb_img_14864767248551The title itself gives justice t
o the whole plot of the story in so many ways. Keeping high expectations with Hong Kong or China based movies allowed me to prepare myself to anticipate many twists in the story.

The film is about a woman named   Liu Yazi, a woman who is financially besieged and is badly in need of  money. She will eventually bite to an offer to become a surrogate mother of an unidentified couple.

The story will start to get complicated as they couple withdraws the offer and forced Liu to have an abortion.

By looking at the synopsis, obviously, this is not as common story you could probably see in any movie either foreign or local. The process of surrogating is a taboo idea most especially in highly conservative societies such as the Philippines and China. The plot allowed me to understand better the process as well as the deeper story of surrogate mothers. The struggle she have faced as she had this moral dilemma of either letting the twins (another twist by the way) live even if they were not hers or to simply abide with the agreement and abort the pregnancy.

By the lenses of a politically active student like me, it’s more than just the twists of love as the real father Yuk Cheung starts to develop a certain romantic feeling for Liu, this story could also be about so many social issues such as the struggles of Chinese students to fund their studies abroad, or the controversy of allowing and legalizing surrogation. Another angle I have managed to focus to is the progression of the story, the branches or side twists of the film gave more spice to the entire story as a whole. One example of this is when Liu found out that the lawyer  Kammy Au whom for all these time have been assisting all her needs has developed feelings for her as well.

photo source: GOOGLE.COM/complicatedstory

 Liu at this point is not just confused about deciding for her pregnancy but also for her own gender orientation. (I can still recall the time she was kissed by Kammy) Another socially relevant discussion was opened up as this angle have come to life, the Lesbian and Gay community. Who would have thought that Kammy is gay? (no one!) These progressions gave me an impression that the story was well planned and well written by its creators Kei  Shu and Kiwi Chow. 

Finally, on the cinematography aspect of the film. There is nothing much that I don’t like in general. The phase of the story is easily being coped to because of the viewer friendly shots  such as emphasizing little details of the story. All-in all, it I can rate the film as 7 over 10!

Ma. Pauline M.Tan



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