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Spring Film Festival: Glimpse of Chinese Art

Now on its eleventh year, the Ateneo de Manila University’s Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies together with the Film Development Council of the Philippines and cooperation of the Shangri-La Plaza. They once again brought us the Spring Film Festival starts from January 25-27, 2017.

The festival was organized every year to promote Chinese languages and culture in mainstream Philippine society, particularly among young Filipinos. Through this, there will be a nice foundation between China and our country.

What really amazed me from the festival was the painting from the Chinese Painting exhibit. It was located at the Grand Atrium of the Shangri-La Plaza, wherein the organizer displayed all the latest and powerful Filipino made Chinese painting rom the International Studies for Chinese Arts and ADMU Chinese painting class. It aims to encourage the emergence of new talents to continue the rich legacy of the ancient art in our country.

Since Chinese painting is one of the oldest continuous artistic traditions in the world. It is much better if we appreciate them. We will all gain knowledge through every painting and learn their awesome traditional Chinese style of painting. The painting got me a thought of how decidedly complex a seemingly simple Chinese painting could be.

Here are some painting that’s was seen at the exhibit:

Christine Jane Omido (BABRC 4-2)


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