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Teach Me How To Art!

by: Thea Amor Alvarado

This year’s celebration of Lunar New Year, Shangri- La invites the people to visit China and to know more about their traditions and customs by witnessing the Chinese Painting Exhibit.

This is one of their main event, displaying from January 29 to 31, 2017, aside from the Chinese Music Concert, Pastel Painting Workshop and the Spring Film Festival that is made possible by Ateneo de Manila University, Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, and their sponsors.

Most of the painting symbolizes what China perceives to bring luck and fortune, such as roosters and others vary from landscapes to animals to something abstract. Some paintings depict the Chinese art, poetry and architecture leaving the impression of their origin to your imagination and creativity. Some of the paintings are random. According to Roger Santos, Vice President of the Art Association of the Philippines, Chinese art doesn’t mean that everything coincides with Chinese culture. As long as its art, anyone can express openly.

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Oil on acrylic and watercolor are some of the main instruments used for the artworks.  Everything is so intricate and pleasing to one’s eye that I happen not to notice how the time passes by as I go through every detail on every painting.

One particular painting that I liked is named “The Greatest Gift”, an artwork made by Albert Hamabad K. Libre III. It’s a girl dressed as if she’s to perform a dance but you can only see her back and no more than a quarter of her face looking slightly side faced. It is one of those artworks that you find and contemplate its denotation on your own.

For someone who can’t travel far, art serves as a key to remind and never forget not to lock up ideas, personalities, and changes in life.


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